Painless Kindle Book Formatting Bundle (50% Launch Discount)

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Painless Kindle Book Formatting Bundle (50% Launch Discount)

Nathan Meunier
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*50% Off Launch Discount! - Limited Time Offer (Reg. Priced at $49.99)!*

Forget paying hundreds of dollars every time you need to create a pro-looking formatted Kindle book! The Painless Kindle Formatting Bundle contains detailed pre-formatted Kindle book templates and in-depth instructional videos designed to save you time and money!

This cost-saving package simplifies the process and shows you how to easily create your own Kindle books, removing the stress and hassle so you can focus on what really counts: creating and launching killer books!

SAVE $$$ - Buy once and re-use for ALL your Kindle books! Before long, you'll breeze through the Kindle formatting process with every book project!

What You Get:

  • Pre-formatted HMTL, OPF, and NCX template files -- Everything you need to create your Kindle MOBI ebook file!

  • Detailed instructions/notes -- Coded inside each template!

  • Sample ebook content -- Just drop in your own book content and tinker!

  • More than 60 minutes of in-depth guide videos -- I walk you through the entire process, from getting started and creating your MOBI file to uploading it to KDP and getting your book prepped for launch!

  • Troubleshooting support -- Get stuck? Get in touch and I'll do my best to help you out!

**Also: Buy now and you'll get free access to all future improvements, updates, and bonus content added to the bundle beyond the initial launch discount!


Note: The zipped video folder contains almost 1GB of data and may take a while to download on slower Internet connections. If you run into issues, please get in touch with me at contact@nathanmeunier.com and I can provide the files either individually or in another format. Thanks!

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get an instruction PDF, a zipped folder with the templates, and a zipped folder with the video tutorials

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